19/01/12 – Rotterdam Lab welcomes 78 young film producers

Rotterdam Lab welcomes 78 young film producers

  • The International Film Festival Rotterdam welcomes 78 young film producers taking part in the 12th edition of the Rotterdam Lab. The participants of CineMart’s successful event for emerging producers have been nominated by the twenty-eight Rotterdam Lab partner organisations. Rotterdam Lab, part of CineMart, takes place January 28 – February 1.
    For its 12th edition, Rotterdam Lab also welcomes eight new partner organisations: Catalan Films & TV (Spain), Cinergia (Costa Rica), Doha Film Institute (Qatar), Film I Vast (Sweden), The Finnish Film Foundation (Finland), Meetings on the Bridge/Istanbul Film Festival (Turkey), Skillset (United Kingdom), and Sundance Institute (USA).
    Rotterdam Lab, organised by CineMart’s Jacobine van der Vloed and Nienke Poelsma, takes place in festival venue De Unie (a few steps from CineMart location De Doelen).
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