06/08/14 – Océane Portal in the Locarno pilot project “Industry Academy”

Océane Portal in the Locarno pilot project “Industry Academy”

locarno_banner Industry Academy is an educational and multidisciplinary programme developed by the Locarno International Film Festival. During five days (8-12 August) a group of nine young European professionals who are active in the field of distribution, sales and marketing will have the opportunity to meet and interact with expert industry professionals (mentors) in an environment of mutual exchange. A unique opportunity offered to nine young people from six different countries: Belgium (Damien Le Délézir of Europa International andVanessa Jarlot of O’Brother), Denmark (Peter Ahlén of Trust Nordisk), France (Océane Portal of Under the Milky Way), Spain (Espinar Gabriel Sanz of The Film Agency), Switzerland (Meryl Moser of Cinerive SA, Frédérick Herren of Cinepel SA and Yves Blösche of Filmcoopi) and United Kingdom (Oliver Charles of Peccadillo Pictures).

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