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This Form will allow us to have a better understanding of you company and the programmes you wish to make available on iTunes. Please note that Under The Milky Way only aggregates Feature Films and/or Theatrically released documentaries. For all other type of content (TV Series, short films, etc.), please contact an iTunes aggregator qualified to deliver such content.
Company name:
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Name of Commercial Contact:
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Main Activity:
 Producer  Theatrical distributor
 Video Editor  Sales Agent
VoD exploitation:
 Single programme
 Line up of new releases
Type of programmes:
 Short Films  Feature Films
 Television  Documentaries
Average number of films in your annual line-up:
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Exploitation countries:
 United States  Canada
 United Kingdom  France
 Germany  Italy
 Spain  Mexico
 Japan  Australia
 Brazil  Russia
 Turkey  Eastern Europe
 Pan-Russia  Asia
 Latin America  Middle East
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