Under The Milky Way is also partnering in the following projects below.


IPEDA (Independant Pan-European Digital Association)

logo ipeda Founded in 2009, IPEDA is a European non-for profit association dedicated to using new technologies to the advancement of the European Film industry. It federates European Film professionals, and it is commited to such topics as:

  • Increasing the cross-border circulation and monetisation of content,
  • Providing market and research information to all stakeholders of the film industry,
  • Sustaining a healthy development of VoD distribution to the service of the independent film industry professionals.

IPEDA’s objectives respond to real business needs from its members looking to work together and strengthen the Film and VoD industries in Europe. IPEDA is dedicated to increasing the cross-border circulation and monetization of content, providing market and research information to all stakeholders of the film industry, and sustaining a healthy development of VoD distribution models to the service of the independent film industry.

Walk This Way

WTW aggregates and promotes films for straight-­‐to-­‐VOD distribution in the European Union and since 2017 also in Japan, North and Latin America. In the past edition, 44 films were released in about 19 territories and in 17 languages. 233 subtitles tracks were made and all in all, it WTW 2016 counted  a  total of 342 releases. The Action is led by a team of three complementary partners: Walk This Way, who are behind the aggregation process, Europa International, managing relations with Sales Agents, and The Film Agency, in charge of coordinating digital marketing strategy.Next to Autlook Film sales, Celluloïd Dreams, Pathé International, Memento Films International, new sales agents came on board for this third WTW edition: Altitude Films, Cercamon World sales, Coccinelle Film Placement, Doc&Film International, Elle Driver, Le Pacte, Outplay, Picture Tree International, Stray Dogs, TF1 Studio and What The Film.

For this third edition, Walk This Way will distribute 26 movies in more than 47 territories, which will require the creation of 180 subtitles. Each film will be available in an average of 8 territories on referenced global platforms (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Sony) as well as leading local platforms such as Tf1, Universciné, Filmin or Flimmit.Print

The TIDE Experiment

logo TIDE The TIDE Experiment exists since 2012 and consists in the strategic coordination of multi-territorial releases of films on Day-and-Date (simultaneous or quasi simultaneous VoD and theatrical releases) and, as of 2015, on Festival-to-Date (simultaneous or quasi simultaneous VoD and festival releases) with an articulated and transversal distribution and marketing strategy.The TIDE Experiment’s main objective is to contribute to the circulation and promotion of European films in the current context of transition is distribution models.TIDE’s added value compared to the situation of the current running of audiovisual markets relies in the implementation of the following solutions to some of the current problems of film distribution in Europe.

The TIDE Experiment is geared in a fluid collaborative process involving several European companies in a multi-territory approach. This methodology was successfully tested during four years and continuously improved throughout the years.Print


Solaris’ objective is to broaden the exploitation of Canadian films on new markets through cross-border Video on Demand (VoD) distribution.The action is supported by Telefilm Canada and the Talent Fund, and aims to distribute 150 films over a period of 3 years starting in 2017 with 20 films.The action consists in the aggregation and Direct-to-VOD distribution of a diverse film catalogue on the most prominent global VOD platforms (iTunes, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.) and local platforms (Comcast in the US, Sky in the UK, TF1 in France, Téléclub in Switzerland) in a maximum of territories.

The action ensures the creation of adapted marketing and promotional campaigns. Telefilm Canada and the Talent Fund’s subsidy is used to cover subtitling, encoding and delivery expenses as well as marketing and PR campaigns for film releases.


Image1 The Working_(SUB)_Titles action aims to find concrete, operational and industrial solutions to reduce the costs of producing subtitles (ST), and allow EU films to be distributed on VoD platforms across multiple countries (especially those listed as low capacity production countries).The action will also manage the distribution of the films on the most prominent VoD platforms in the EU. Finally, it will coordinate the marketing and promotional strategy for the films to reach the widest possible audience in the targeted countries.Specific objectivesThe specific objectives of the actions are to:

  • Source and build a coherent film offer,
  • Identify and manage resources for ST production in professional translator communities,
  • Create an innovative workflow for evaluating / monitoring / ingesting STs and finally deliver quality digital packages to VoD platforms,
  • Promote the film offer on VoD to targeted audience on both a local and a global approach, using a mix of VoD marketing and promotional tools.


My French Film

(MyFFF) is a yearly event running for one month as of the 15th of January. The Festival was created and is being managed by Unifrance, an association in charge of promoting French Cinema on a global basis.Under The Milky Way is a partner of the festival by ensuring the distribution of all films on global VoD platforms. During the whole festival, international audiences have access to 10 features and 10 shorts in French with localised subtitles in North America, Latin America, Japan, Australia, and in approximately 30 countries in Asia and Africa.

The selection of theatrically-released first and second features allows for a worldwide showcasing of new generations of filmmakers; thus highlighting the diversity of French Cinema.


IPEDA Canada 2013-2015

IPEDA CANADA was a pilot project for the commercial exploitation on feature films and documentaries VOD platforms covering multiple territories/languages. A “wide availability” test concept. The initiative was a research project undertaken by Telefilm Canada and SODEC aimed at stimulating the development of new digital marketing skills on global VOD (video on demand) platforms.The project was conducted in partnership with IPEDA, represented in Canada by Under The Milky Way (UMW), an accredited aggregator for major global digital platforms. IPEDA Canada was designed to test the correlation between a title’s sheer availability on major digital retail platforms and its consumption. In other words, the test concept was to make a title very widely available and then to measure the consumption induced merely by doing so.

IPEDA MUNDUS 2012-2014

logo ipeda IPEDA MUNDUS is a programme developed and coordinated by IPEDA. It was conceived in 2010 to allow the cross-border distribution of films through Video on Demand (VoD) supported by relevant marketing and promotion actions.By providing an adapted framework and direct support to professionals, IPEDA MUNDUS proposes to facilitate the release of a selection of European films on the most prominent VoD platforms outside of the EU. The action also aims at benefiting Non-European film professionals by making a selection of their films available on VoD platforms in the EU.

IPEDA MUNDUS therefore facilitates international distribution of films in optimum conditions, and enables new revenue streams for professionals. For its 3rd edition, in 2013, the IPEDA Mundus project is looking to support 63 films (45 European and 18 North-American films).

IPEDA MUNDUS is supported by the European Commission, SwissFilm, the Irish Film Board, Telefilm Canada, and la SODEC.

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