Press articles

14-07-2017 – FNE AV INNOVATION: Walk This Way: European Cinema on Demand
19/05/17 – Screen Time: The VoD debate in Cannes
06/07/17 – European Digital Initiatives Offer New Paths for Distributing Indie Films
21/04/17 – Melanie Laurent-Helmed French Environmental Documentary TOMORROW to Open Today
20/04/17 – French actress Mélanie Laurent steps behind the camera for ‘Tomorrow,’ an environmental doc that offers solutions
06/04/17 – Quand “Demain” part à la conquête de l’Amérique
06/03/17 – Under the Milky Way Acquires U.S. Rights to Melanie Laurent’s Doc ‘Tomorrow’
24/01/17 – Téléfilm Canada participe à des initiatives novatrices pour encourager les Canadiens à célébrer l’excellence du cinéma canadien, partout et en tout temps
03/01/17 – Collaborative subtitling gives boost to European films
12/09/16 – Toronto: Under the Milky Way Picks Up ‘The Student’ for North America
10/09/16 – Toronto: Under the Milky Way Acquires U.S. on Wide’s ‘The Student’
16/06/16 – Christian Grece • Analyst, European Audiovisual Observatory
16/06/16 – Half of all European films make it to VOD but US films still dominate in Europe
15/06/16 – Netflix & Amazon dominate discussions on film distribution in the UK
14/05/16 – Next Cannes Film Market Conference – Digital film distribution and marketing: Alexia Krief, Under the Milky Way & Sarah Calderón, The Film Agency
04/01/16 – Distribution networks get €1.15m EU funding boost
17/11/15 – Best practices to address digital distribution: Pierre-Alexandre Labelle, Under The Milky Way
25/06/15 – Media Program-Backed TIDE Experiment Launches ‘Festival-To-Date’
23/06/15 – Distribution Rewired: 6 Desires Case Study/TIDE Experiment
20/05/15 – Digital distribution of films: Real business cases
05/05/15 – Why Film Bizzers Are Still Outraged Over Europe’s Digital Single Market Plan
15/12/14 – Sales outfits get EC VOD backing
10/12/14 – PRESS RELEASE: The TIDE Experiment is endorsed for a third time by the European Union
10/12/14 – PRESS RELEASE: New VoD project, “Walk This Way” is supported by the European Union
28/09/14 – Swim Little Fish Swim – a small indie plays in the big league
06/08/14 – Océane Portal in the Locarno pilot project “Industry Academy”
08/07/14 – Under the Milky Way Acquires SXSW Premiere ‘Swim Little Fish Swim’ for Theatrical and VOD Release
13/02/14 – TIDE goes Euro-wide on For Those in Peril
28/01/14 – Rotterdam reviews VoD initiative
02/01/14 – Alexis de Rendinger on Digital Distribution for film and TV and My French Film Festival
13/12/13 – ‘What’s in a Name?,’ a Farce About a Fractious Evening
12/12/13 – Under The Milky Way to simultaneously release “What’s In A Name” in US theaters and digital platforms
03/10/13 – Under The Milky Way Rolls Out in Latin America
09/07/13 – The TIDE Experiment, act 2
08/07/13 – Magnifica Presenza release in four European countries
02/07/13 – Under The Milky Way, leading the field for VoD distribution
22/04/13 – Viramundo, first test balloon for The TIDE Experiment
11/03/13 – Eric Busidan Interview • Deputy General Director of the ARP
28/02/13 – European Union Backs Pan-European Day-And-Date Distribution Trials
27/02/13 – TIDE, Act 1
26/02/13 – First Pan-European and day & date release for TIDE
29/01/13 – Under the Milky Way and IFFR collaboration boosts online distribution
26/01/13 – IFFR : A room of its own
14/12/12 – Waveback software launch at Les Arcs
01/11/12 – Under The Milky Way buys majority stake in UK’s Content Republic
31/10/12 – VOD Overdose: Latest VOD News
22/08/12 – Europa Distribution: new marketing strategies
19/01/12 – Rotterdam Lab welcomes 78 young film producers
28/11/11 – Increasing the availability of European works online